Bangladesh Army purchases Carl Gustaf M4 recoilless weapon

Bangladesh Army purchases Carl Gustaf M4 recoilless weapon

The Bangladesh Army became the newest operator of SAAB’s Carl Gustaf M4 recoilless weapon system to replace its Type 69-1 RPGs, which are being phased out from the inventory.

The Army is said to be the 10th customer of the weapon system, which is also manufactured in India and Myanmar and used by their respective armies.

The CG M4 recoilless weapon system will be deployed at platoon level allowing the Bangladesh Army to project firepower, extended range and multi-role abilities for greater operational flexibility without sacrificing mobility.

The weapon can use anti-armour, multi-role/anti-structure, anti-personnel and support ammunition.

The latest M4 variant offers a range of major enhancements including a lighter weight design, a fired-round counter, improved safety and intelligent features, such as compatibility with future intelligent sighing systems and programmable ammunition. The weapon is also fully backward compatible with all ammunition types.

SAAB stated it will not officially disclose the name of the customer (which is the Bangladesh Army), however mentioned the contract was a $55 million package with deliveries from 2019 to 2024, however due to the global pandemic situation deliveries were delayed temporarily.

With improvement of the situation the Bangladesh Army is expected to receive nearly 1,000 SAAB Carl-Gustaf M4 recoiless weapons and ammunition (HEAT and Tandem HEAT) and 300 advanced integrated day/night sighting systems and 200 84mm sub-calibre training devices.

Additional CG M4 launchers, integrated day/night sighting systems, sub-calibre training devices and training simulators are being purchased from SAAB under FY2021-22, which we may disclose in future once contract is signed.

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Most recently the Indian Army delivered and installed a Carl-Gustaf ‘Rocket Launcher’ computer-based simulator to the Bangladesh Army to enhance army-to-army ties. However, the Bangladesh Army will not be purchased Indian-made Carl-Gustav recoilless weapons or any ammunition from India, owing to the sensitive nature of such weapons.

The Bangladesh Ordnance Factories (BOF), will however opt to manufacture the 84mm recoilless weapon munitions in its facilities.

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