IVECO delivers 6×6 trucks to Bangladesh Army

IVECO delivers 6×6 trucks to Bangladesh Army

Italian truck manufacturing giant Iveco has delivered almost 130 trucks to the Bangladesh Army under a June 2020 contract.

The Iveco Trakker 440 6×6 wheel heavy-duty trucks are equipped with a winch and are to be used to tow medium gun systems (155mm and 130 mm) that are currently used by the Bangladesh Army.

Iveco Trakker 420 gun tractors have been used by the Bangladesh Army since at least 2016. Besides artillery tractors, the Bangladesh Army is also using Iveco Trakker 380 prime movers for transporting tanks, while the Army Aviation uses Iveco Trakker 310 jet fuel browsers.

Iveco Trakker 420 flatbeds and 380 water bowsers are also used by the Army Service Corps.

Delivery for another 60+ Iveco Trakker 440 6×6 artillery tractor trucks are also pending in the pipeline.

The Bangladesh Army also uses trucks from other European manufacturers such as Astra, Renault, MAN, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz. British and Turkish-made trucks are also used to a lesser extent.

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