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  1. This is a significant development. We need to start basic works ourselves as well. In future domestic capability will play a role when things heat up and access to various sources are curtailed.
  2. Actually I wasn't and you are right. I was replying to members who thought that Sanders might come and close bases and make 180 turn in US foreign policy.
  3. There's an indigenous Burmese Muslim group other than Rohingya. They don't speak the distant cousin of Chatgaiya dialect but pure Burmese. Best of luck getting Rohingyas into Burma and keeping them in without any protection.
  4. Exactly ! that is what I'm trying to say. Even Obama failed to do any such major policy reversals despite having more popularity and despite being more accepted than Sanders. 3 major promises: Geetting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and closing Guantanamo has not materialized so far !
  5. There is more than one way of dealing with a larger foe than simply radicaliztion of own citizens. And there are more than one way of engaging in UW. Pakistan has been tactically brilliant but strategically stupid.
  6. You're making assumptions as to whether I know or not. I teach these issues to people. Anyways I've not taken offense to your statement. It doesn't matter what Sanders says. He will have his hands tied when dealing with this issue. Congress and Senate won't allow him to do a lot of things that he might want to do. There isn't much support for such policies from any major segment of Democratic or Republican Party. American system functions in such a way that Sanders being completely clean from corporate interest won't be able to make major change. He might close 1-2 bases but no major change will come. Trust me. All these bases serve American interest and as such America can't give away its valuable possessions.
  7. Terror in Pakistan is complex issue so I will refrain from making my judgments. All intel organizations at any point of time or another empower or have empowered outfits that has been called as terror outfits by some country or another. Its premature to judge whether it is good for the region. If Pakistan learned something then one could consider a successful learning curve finished by them. So far behavior change has not materialized.
  8. I'm all for helping Burmese groups as long as they not Muslim. Radicalization of Muslims will have a spill over into Bangladesh that we should strictly avoid. Moreover, so called islamic terrorism game will emerge and things will get out of our control.
  9. That is exactly the reason Pakistani and Indian forces should have been better at dealing with this situation ! Despite decades of engagement and experience they failed to respond adequately.
  10. If non Muslim Burmese ethnic minorities can be used by our intelligence agencies to keep Burma busy then why should we have to engage in war ourselves? I'm not saying we are doing it but we've a large potential to do so.
  11. When one has attained Gold Status, is regular participation mandatory ? Because some of us, the service holders, have little time to engage in regular discussions due to our engagements otherwise.
  12. Holey Artisan, the previous Sylhet issue and subsequent operations have highlighted the quality of BD special forces. Neither India nor Pkaistan with all their elite forces have been able to conduct operations with such elegance and sophistication as we did. In my view given the wide ranging tribute and respect paid to Bangladeshi special forces by regional commanders for their successful completion of missions, Bangladeshi special forces are probably the best. Both Indian and Pakistani forces failed to conduct missions with the rate that our forces have done.
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