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  1. https://theeasternlink.com/arakan-army-gets-chinese-weapons-through-bangladesh/
  2. https://www.janes.com/article/94896/myanmar-army-battalion-suffers-losses-in-western-campaign And still they claim that they are going to capture chittagong.
  3. https://www.banglatribune.com/country/news/617770/মিয়ানমারের-নৌবাহিনীর-গুলিতে-বাংলাদেশি-৬-জেলে-আহত If they can shoot our people, why cant BGB shoot myanmar border police when they traspass.
  4. Make the colour scheme to be red and green like our national flag.
  5. I expect about 5-6 billions as we are going for eurofighters. Hope that they replaced bd-08 with a new one.
  6. Prevention is better than cure, first we need to teach Bangladeshi about basic fire safety.
  7. Only their air force could be a threat, other than that, they will be digging their grave in Bangladesh if they ever dare to come.
  8. Fleet renewal is the first step to a modernize the aviation industry.There no point in getting new planes and bring them to a chaotic airport.
  9. They should build a airport district, where there only buildings such as food,maintence and other logistics support is located near the airport. As for the terminal, they should had just build a new airport instead of a third terminal which may cause more traffic chaos
  10. Hello, Great to be here with all of you guys. Hope that we all can participate in some friendly discussions
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