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  1. No point following the Arabs around anymore. Sooner or later we will have to forge ties with Israel officially.
  2. What's new ? It's almost predictable now. India is trying it's level best to try and stun Bangladesh's growth. This time they're trying to destroy the biodiversity of Bangladesh by building a powerplant right next to Sunderbans and as you have pointed out an outdated powerplant. That is some "husband-wife" relationship we have with them.
  3. Ahhh Americans! Trying to talk out of their rear ends again without even knowing where the countries they're criticizing are located. It's interesting that they're so keen on making it known that religious persecution isn't right yet one look at their list of allies would reveal it for what it is : empty talk. However, the true blame lies with those bloggers who deliberately make blasphemous posts in order to coax a reaction from the religious hard liners. Priya Saha is another one. These asylum seekers are traitors and adequate legal action should be takes against them. And as for the Americans, we don't need to do anything. Their general population has zero knowledge of geography (besides that of the state they're in), let alone international geopolitics. Suddenly it's not a surprise that this is a country where they elected a person like Trump!
  4. Construction had begun last year but as far as I know the project hit a snag after the construction of the pillars. The port authority had some concerns regarding security and the project has been put on hold and most probably the design will be altered. Whether the project will finish by 2023 remains to be seen but I cant really complain much as when its eventually completed it'll make traveling a lot easier, not to mention the seamless transportation of goods to the port.
  5. Was the forum down last night ? Site was throwing a cloudflare error page everytime I tried to visit.
  6. This project will truly transform Chittagong. The Karnaphuli river nearly bisects Chittagong in half. Almost everything happens on the west side of the river but this tunnel will allow for greater connectivity with the East side, which is currently relatively underdeveloped and lot of the land is yet to be utilised. Now if we can get a metro for Chittagong city that would be a dream come true for the many of the city dwellers.
  7. That photograph has been edited to make it look better than it actually is and it's from an angle that hides the real beauty of Chittagong but IMO as the financial hub of Bangladesh Chittagong needs to be built up alot more. Dhaka is beyond repair but maybe we could build Chittagong to be the new image of a emergent Bangladesh. That said the Khulshi and Foy'slake areas are pretty clean and comparable to Dhaka's Gulshan. Not to mention the natural beauty of bhatiary etc.
  8. No need! They don't have anything to offer that we could want and the things they do have that we could probably want, they won't sell so no need.
  9. The Myanmar border forces and army themselves facilitate drug trade as side income as their salaries are just pathetic. Until the border with Myanmar and India is completely sealed shut with 24/7 monitoring we will not be able to stop the flow of drugs into the country. Drugs are indirectly destroying our country by poisoning our youth and rendering them useless. Drug addicts are incompatible with a country that's trying it's best to move in the right direction.
  10. As sad as it is the truth must be told; BAF is indeed incompetent. They are looking to fly attack helicopters when they can't ensure our airspace remains defended which is their primary task. BA & BN should look to operate their own air wings to some extent, as BAF already has too much on their plate or atleast that's what it seems like looking at the way they're going about their duties.
  11. Our "Husband" is the biggest threat to our sovereignty and continued development.
  12. When it isn't white Christians dying the UN and the world is slow to take action.
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